Trauma Informed Culturally Accountable Consultation Services

Trauma Informed Culturally Accountable Services


Welcome! I am a child clinical psychologist who specializes in trauma and issues of race. I spend most of my time teaching and training- and I also provide therapy, consultation and presentations. Please find descriptions of my work here and resources. Looking forward to connecting.




Dr. Briscoe-Smith earned her undergraduate degree from Harvard University.  She then received her clinical psychology Ph.D. from University of California Berkeley. She then went on to continue her specialization in trauma and ethnic minority mental health through internship and postdoctoral work at  University of California San Francisco/San Francisco General Hospital.  She has combined her love of teaching and advocacy by serving as a professor and by directing mental health programs for children experiencing trauma, homelessness or foster care.  Much of her work has been with schools, as a clinician, consultant and trainer.  Currently she is an adjunct professor at the Wright Institute and she provides consultation and training to bay area non profits and schools on how to support trauma informed practices and cultural accountability.  


TRAINING: She offers training on a host of topics which focus on cultural accountability and trauma informed care.  She not only presents, but translates research for her audiences. She also works with groups to apply the information to their own lives.  Trainings often include video, experiential exercises and resource lists. (please see the list of training topics and organizations she has worked with).

CONSULTATION:  She provides organizational consultation to non-profits and schools looking to make changes in how they address issues of diversity and/or how they manage trauma.  

PSYCHOTHERAPY: Clinically her focus is on working with adult victims of abuse and trauma and also working with children.  In particular, she focuses on dyadic and relational therapies for young children and behavior disorders for older children.   She is a licensed psychologist PSY20496.